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Living Well With JJ Purple – JS Guitar | Playing Live (Official Video)

Living well with JS Guitar

It was fun getting through to the final version of this music video.  There were a few different versions, one which is currently airing on Bump TV that has some animations from the mind of Mark along with Paul

I am a Purple Jelly for jj purple and i am living well
Purple Jelly

I ended up using the video footage recorded with mac photo booth because the guitar take was the best of the ones I tried. imovie was used for the editing.

This song was a multi tracked effort and I shot the final solo in real time when I was recording it! The stems of the song was on my hard drive for a few months and I couldn’t dare sing anything over it. It would be fun to try out a vocal session at some point.

I have a brief John Frusciante shout out in my video because anyone who hears this song has quickly mentioned the chili peppers. I will take it as a compliment.

Also I was able to get my my hands on an iZotope Ozone 8 mastering program so that was and quick way to crisp up the final copy.

Have you ever written a song about Paul Walker?

Well I know that I have…. way back in 2015

This song was realized working with my friend kmp at the Halifax library media facilities center in Halifax.

The Halifax library offers two sound proof rooms with mac pc’s, studio monitors, microphones & preamps, which are free to use with your library card. There is even a green screen available.

At this time it had recently opened its doors and was available for use after going through a small orientation about how to use the equipment. We learned fast and going this one finished up!

The song has samples from various interviews that Paul did when he was here and includes some car audio clips as well. Enjoy!


Faster is a way to go,

awake for another who’s spin rounds are way too slow

by this time tomorrow we’ll begin a lecture myself seriously,

engage a reaction or deflect the keys

to any other drives, you do show me where they hide,

a lecture myself seriously, without question flip into the seat

for another drive is no place to hide.

Go Somewhere With Me Song | JJ Purple & Monomyth

“Go Somewhere With Me” was written for the Canadian band Monomyth’s second studio album titled Happy Pop Family.

I’m happy to site an album review that says that this song is sexy! you are great!

It was ofcourse great times making the record with the Monomyth bros. All players on this song include Andrew Maz(bass), Seamus Dalton(drums), Josh Salter(Guitar) and of course engineer Mike Wright. It was released on Mint in 2016.


well you know where you wana go,

all morning time is wasted, I was spacing to and had to let it show,

Chours “listen baby I do wana believe. . . . go somewhere with me”

Desperadoes has a reason to be, quick releasing pop and see,

I don’t mind walking through the dark, I wana know though show me how to spark