Go Somewhere With Me Song | JJ Purple & Monomyth

“Go Somewhere With Me” was written for the Canadian band Monomyth’s second studio album titled Happy Pop Family.

I’m happy to site an album review that says that this song is sexy! music.mxdwn.com you are great!

It was ofcourse great times making the record with the Monomyth bros. All players on this song include Andrew Maz(bass), Seamus Dalton(drums), Josh Salter(Guitar) and of course engineer Mike Wright. It was released on Mint in 2016.


well you know where you wana go,

all morning time is wasted, I was spacing to and had to let it show,

Chours “listen baby I do wana believe. . . . go somewhere with me”

Desperadoes has a reason to be, quick releasing pop and see,

I don’t mind walking through the dark, I wana know though show me how to spark