Have you ever written a song about Paul Walker?

Well I know that I have…. way back in 2015

This song was realized working with my friend kmp at the Halifax library media facilities center in Halifax.

The Halifax library offers two sound proof rooms with mac pc’s, studio monitors, microphones & preamps, which are free to use with your library card. There is even a green screen available.

At this time it had recently opened its doors and was available for use after going through a small orientation about how to use the equipment. We learned fast and going this one finished up!

The song has samples from various interviews that Paul did when he was here and includes some car audio clips as well. Enjoy!


Faster is a way to go,

awake for another who’s spin rounds are way too slow

by this time tomorrow we’ll begin a lecture myself seriously,

engage a reaction or deflect the keys

to any other drives, you do show me where they hide,

a lecture myself seriously, without question flip into the seat

for another drive is no place to hide.

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