Living Well With JJ Purple – JS Guitar | Playing Live (Official Video)

Living well with JS Guitar

It was fun getting through to the final version of this music video.  There were a few different versions, one which is currently airing on Bump TV that has some animations from the mind of Mark along with Paul

I am a Purple Jelly for jj purple and i am living well
Purple Jelly

I ended up using the video footage recorded with mac photo booth because the guitar take was the best of the ones I tried. imovie was used for the editing.

This song was a multi tracked effort and I shot the final solo in real time when I was recording it! The stems of the song was on my hard drive for a few months and I couldn’t dare sing anything over it. It would be fun to try out a vocal session at some point.

I have a brief John Frusciante shout out in my video because anyone who hears this song has quickly mentioned the chili peppers. I will take it as a compliment.

Also I was able to get my my hands on an iZotope Ozone 8 mastering program so that was and quick way to crisp up the final copy.

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